Purpose of the Association

Modern society, as we know, lives on premises that it has not created itself (cf. Wolfgang Böckenförde). These premises originate first and foremost within families. Families, on the other hand, are not autonomous. Society protects them and provides them with sufficient leeway to create the premises for a life within society. Families need society and vice versa. This interdependence is essential for the common good as well as for the good of every individual. Without families there is no humane parenting, without parenting no personality, without personality there is no sense of freedom (Kirchhof). Such a liberal society is also the basis of a social market economy. The decline in the population as well as a serious decrease in the number of young people pose a threat to values and welfare. However, the pluralist modern media society makes a debate on values rather difficult.  The Institute for Demographics, Common Good and Family Values e.V. aims at directing more attention to the correlation between today's fundamental values, their ethical and spiritual sources and their importance for the future of a liberal society. "We are made wise not by the recollection of our past, but by the responsibility for our future" (George Bernhard Shaw). The Institute preferably takes an interdisciplinary approach to its work irrespective of political parties or confessions. Its objective is also to liberate the public opinion, the "social skin" (Noelle-Neumann) from the excesses of a self-centred society.


The method used by the Institute is mainly one of spreading the latest findings of interdisciplinary research by participating in seminars, conferences and congresses and by joining in the journalistic debate in the media.

It is in this way that we aim to support all those playing a leading role in politics, in the economy, and in the field of culture and education. At the same time, we care to provide information for those who are still undecided or even ignorant of the current developments. The founder members sincerely believe that a debate on shared values is bound to emerge, once the above-mentioned interdependences have been acknowledged and the individual human being, particularly the child, has been placed in the focus of society. Thus, the full potential of development of every individual can be achieved. So, the main objective of the Institute is to work as a think tank, a source of momentum. Its members join in the work of the Institute on a voluntary basis. The Institute relies solely on voluntary contributions.